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20-year-old Mathias Fullerton crowned 2024 Vegas Shoot Champion

After 15 ends of shooting, Danish archer Mathias Fullerton demonstrated his nerves of steel and outlasted 27 other archers to earn the title of 2024 Vegas Champion, and took home a check for $58,000.

Currently ranked No. 7 in the World, the archer shot 45 consecutive tens over 15 ends, maintaining the mindset of “one arrow more, one arrow more, one arrow more.”


“I wasn’t really focused on scores too much, it was more ‘don’t mess up, just do what you know how to do.’” said the newly-crowned Vegas Shoot Champion. When asked how he felt in the moment, Fullerton laughed. “I think I am feeling every emotion right now, and they are just coming out.”


One could almost feel the weight of this accomplishment as it hit the young Dane, who stood on the shooting line facing his winning target. He checked his target through binoculars several times, still in disbelief, before wiping his face as emotion overwhelmed him. In a heartwarming display of support, archer after archer approached Fullerton on the arena floor. 

Fullerton was joined on the podium by Jacob Marlow of Florida and Danish teammate Stephan Hansen. “I gave it all I got, but Matty just had more than I had. I shot as well as I could, and I’m pretty happy with my performance, so now it’s just on to the next one,” said Marlow. 


The shootoff began with 27 archers but saw some notables drop out early: Mike Schloesser, Bodie Turner Lucky Dog Nick Kappers, James Lutz all left by end number five. Crowd favorite Kyle Douglas and $10K Shootoff winner Ojas Deotale held on a bit longer, but by end number eight, there were just three archers left. 


Coaches and friends pressed closer together, not wanting to miss a single glimpse of their favorites. Encouraged by the announcer, the crowd began to cheer louder after each shot. “This is not golf, ladies and gentleman, this is archery!”

Over and over, the call of “Ten. Ten. Ten.” echoed through the packed arena. A low liner from Fullerton brought some “ooos,” from the crowd, but it was declared a ten and the shootoff continued.  

Finally, a dropped point from Hansen earned him a third place finish. His exit was accompanied by applause and cheers from the crowd. 

Back and forth went Marlow and Fullerton. With each ten, the crowd’s support for both archers grew louder. Then, on the last arrow of end number 15 (the fourth end in Marlow and Fullerton’s duel), Marlow shot a liner on his last arrow. Fullerton remained calm and collected, drilling a ten and sealing the victory. 

“It feels like I'm dreaming a little bit,” said Fullerton. “I’m gonna be celebrating this one for a while!”

Championship Compound Open Podium

  1. Mathias Fullerton

  2. Jacob Marlow

  3. Stephan Hansen


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