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$38,000 in scholarships awarded at the 57th Vegas Shoot

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

While there is still one day left in the Vegas Shoot, the youth and collegiate competition concluded yesterday. The top finishing archers in each division took home scholarship money, and bragging rights.

The scholarship money is awarded by the National Field Archery Association in partnership with the Easton Foundations. The total scholarships awarded on Saturday, February 4 totaled $38,550.

Compound and recurve archers in the cub, youth, and young adult age categories had a $27,000 prize pool. Collegiate archers had an $8,000 prize pool plus a $1,550 prize pool for a team travel scholarship. Two $1,000 scholarships were also awarded to two essay contest winners.

Even cub and youth archers, who have years before attending higher education, can compete for scholarship money. The NFAA will track the scholarships for those young archers so they can keep winning money through the years to add to their fund.

The archers shot 60 arrows over two days, and the top three finishers in each division won scholarship money. In addition to the scholarships won through the archery competition, two, $1,000 scholarships were awarded to one male and one female essay contest winner.

“I wrote in my essay that archery really helped me with my mental health because it’s a lot about focusing and maintaining balance. Archery has been a great outlet in my life and I’m really grateful for it,” said essay contest winner, Diane Kim.

“Writing is one of my greatest passions, so this means a lot to me. This scholarship is going to help me with college,” said essay contest winner, Rohan Tamhankar. “The essay is about my journey as an archer. I started archery when I was ten and progressed in my skill. I contemplated quitting, but decided against it and how I came back stronger from that.”

The top finishers in each division

Compound Male

  • Cub: Easton Rupp, Robert Thompson, Connor Goehring

  • Young Adult: Hunter Hall, Max Kusilek, Nazhruddin Macalandong

  • Youth: Caleb Quiocho, Chase Pasmore, Clayton Frederick

Compound Female

  • Cub: Peyton Smith, Alexandra Youmans, Amarie Dehoyos

  • Young Adult: Leann Drake, Lilie Aguilar, Chelsea Neville

  • Youth: Chloe Nelsen, Presley Pyper, Jadan Reed

Recurve Male

  • Cub: Matthias Pak, Anirudhkalyan Pinjala, Wesley Jones

  • Young Adult: Hugo Leonel Cueto Avalos, Chanyoung Mun, Daniel Kim

  • Youth: Aarya Arun, Liam Lee, Brian J. Kim

Recurve Female

  • Cub: Sara Tateshima, Lena Lee, Jina Chon

  • Young Adult: Isabella Kim, Whitney Williams, Laurel Anderson

  • Youth: Abigail Kippes, Hailey Franzone, Jessimi Lyu


  • Compound Male: Parker Bake, Nathan Wilken, Sawyer Sullivan

  • Compound Female: Anna Scarbrough, Carson Krahe, Zoe Woods

  • Recurve Male: Jackson Mirich, Alex Gilliam, T Sanchez

  • Recurve Female: Casey Kaufhold, Hannah Flores, Grace Lum

  • Recurve Barebow Male: Wallace Woodlief, Nicholas Duong, Jace Jensen

  • Recurve Barebow Female: Felice Pudya, Allison Collinsworth, Tianai Guo

  • Bowhunter Male: Nate Harper, Jordan Gregg, Riley Laws

  • Bowhunter Female: Sophia Hunziger, Emily Brandt, Emilia Miceli

Essay winners: Rohan Tamhankar and Diane Kim


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