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Behind the Scenes at The Vegas Shoot

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Each year, the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa transforms into the world’s largest indoor archery venue.

Located in the southwest of Las Vegas valley, 15 minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa welcomes over 10,000 people, between archers, family, friends and spectators, from all around the globe to shoot, watch or simply enjoy the Vegas Shoot.

Two main halls, three arenas, 2 ballrooms – one which normally act as the USA’s finest indoor horse riding facility – a trade show room, a VIP training room, a bow storage room and four meeting areas for the NFAA and World Archery staff, occupies well over 200,000 square feet.

A total of 8,000 hotel room nights have been booked at South Point, and other 1,600 in the Grand View Hotel, which is right next door.

So, ever wondered how we manage to fit more than 3,500 archers on the shooting line? Here’s an overview of the Vegas Shoot archery venue…

Championship Arena 1

The Equestrian Centre, used in the Vegas Shoot as the Championship Arena, is the place where champions are crowned. The Indoor Archery World Cup Finals and the Vegas Shoot "shoot down" are hosted here on Saturday and Sunday nights. It covers an area of 30,000 sq ft and hosts more than 5,000 spectators.

It has four different shooting lines throughout competition days.

Priefert Arenas 2 & 3

Together, Priefert Arenas offer a total of 62,500 sq ft in shooting space. These arenas offer a home to a number of divisions, the largest being the 750+ archers in the junior divisions.

Halls A/B & C/D

Not going for the Championships or the Indoor Archery World Cup Final but love archery, the Vegas Shoot and meeting friends? Then you might belong to the halls, areas in where amateurs meet to enjoy the largest archery event of the year.

Just like the arenas, both halls host four different shooting lines each of the three competition days. Both offer nearly 30,000 sq ft and are next door to each other off the main reception hall.

Practice Halls

Practice makes perfect and 80+ practice bales give archers plenty of room to warmup, work on equipment, and hang out with other competitors. Practice is available 24 hours a day Thursday-Sunday. [New location & updated information, coming soon]

VIP Practice

For those archers shooting for the Vegas Shoot in the championship divisions, there is a special VIP area reserved where they can practice each day without worry for queues or congestion. [New location & updated information, coming soon]

Trade Show

More than 100 booths for national and international manufactures and retailers show goods in the Trade Show. It’s heaven for archers at any level looking for the best in archery gear.

It’s also where business is made, where professionals meet amateurs and the centre of the fun for giveaways… because who doesn’t love getting free stuff?

Registration and Meeting Rooms

Ever wonder how over 3,500 archers get checked-in for The Vegas Shoot?

Well, that’s thanks to the NFAA staff that work hard (and fast) all Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to help everyone through the check-in process, with their welcome kit received, scorecards, target assignment, target name and a goodie bag.

It’s also the heart of the results office, where completed cards are checked and rankings (and prize money) issued.

Several more rooms are available for VIP guests and sponsors, World Archery staff, meetings, and seminars are also in use.

Bow Storage

Archers are used to traveling distance with their bows, but it doesn’t make sense to move around the hotel or Las Vegas with kit bags in tow each day. There’s a bow storage room, located at the bottom of the arena escalators, where archers can store their equipment and bow case on site.


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