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Elisa Roner wins first $10K-A-Day Shoot-Off

The $10K a Day Shoot Off is a chance for archers to win some extra prize money, and for the fans to watch the best archers in the world shoot head-to-head. Archers in any of the championship divisions, who shot a perfect 300, and signed up for the 10K-A-Day Shoot Off, are eligible to shoot off for the $10,000 prize. There were 84 archers in today's shoot off, and it was a field full of top pros with impressive X counts to go along with their 300.

This event is shot one arrow at a time, starting with inner ten-ring scoring, so the X is scored as a ten. Then the scoring goes to inside out, which means an archer's arrow must be entirely inside the X ring for it to count as a ten.

The first round cut the field down some, but the majority of archers remained standing. The next round, cut the field down to just 11 archers from the original 84. Then the field was cut to 4, and then the archers hit a stalemate tying on several ends. On the ninth arrow, Elisa Roner of Italy was the only archer to shoot an inside-out ten, and she won the 10K a Day Shoot Off.

Roner made it to the 10K a Day Shoot Off last year, but her arrow caught the X line in the first inside out shoot off. "I just kept laughing because I couldn't believe I was still there. I was so happy to still be shooting," she said.

Shooting well under the shoot-off pressure could be a boost to confidence, but Roner is putting today's success behind her and staying focused on the main event. "It doesn't matter what I did today. All that matters is what I will do tomorrow," she said.

You can follow live results on the NFAA web app.


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