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Nevada State NASP Tournament at the Vegas Shoot

Today 510 youth archers and 23 schools shot the Nevada State NASP Tournament in the same tournament venue as the Vegas Shoot. These archers all shoot the same Genesis bow and Easton 1820 arrows, as they represent their school archery programs in the state tournament.

Kaden Solinski won the High School division with 277 points and 14 tens. Morgan Paske won the Middle School division with 273 points and 13 tens. Savannah Owens took first in the elementary school division with 270 points and ten, tens.

The goal of NASP is to bring youth archers into the sport and eventually those archers will transition to competing in other disciplines.

Paske, the middle school champ, is also competing in the 2023 Vegas Shoot. “I feel really good about winning. I practice a lot,” she said.

On Friday, she’ll switch from her Genesis bow to a freestyle compound bow as she competes in the youth female compound division.

You can view the full results of the Nevada State NASP Tournament by clicking here.


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