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Remington Boyer wins the Lucky Dog Shoot Off

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

The Lucky Dog Shoot Off gives archers with an 899 in the open championship division a chance to win a spot in the final shoot off. The rules are the same as the 10K-A-Day Shoot Off. Archers shoot one arrow per round and start scoring the X ring as ten points. Then move to inside out scoring, where the entire arrow shaft must be inside the X ring for it to score as a ten.

The shoot off started with 43 archers, and it took just three arrows for Remington Boyer to be crowned the Lucky Dog Shoot Off winner.

This is Boyer’s first time in the Vegas Shootdowns. “I was definitely hoped to just shoot a regular 900 first. This was my third 899,” he said. “I was kind of disappointed yesterday, but after winning the Lucky Dog, I’m definitely excited now.”

Boyer will be in tonight’s $57,000 shoot off with the 25 archers who shot 900s. But, as the Lucky Dog, he can only win or come in last place in the shoot off. He cannot come in second or third or even 25th place.

“They’re probably going to be lower than I expected being as it’s winner take all or I’ll be back down to the 899s. It’s one of those things where I’m coming out gunning,” Boyer said.

You can watch the shoot off live tonight from 5:30 p.m. local on World Archery's YouTube channel.


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