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Brady Ellison shoots first-ever perfect recurve score at The Vegas Shoot

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Olympic medallist Brady Ellison did not drop through three days and 90 arrows of competition at The Vegas Shoot 2020 to become the first recurve man in history to post a perfect 900 points in the arena.

“I wasn‘t really expecting to shoot a 900 this weekend but I wanted to shoot one 300, I wanted to shoot one 300 here in Vegas. And then I shot the first one and I was like, you know I’m shooting good let’s just roll through it,” said Brady.

The Arizona native, who is also the reigning World Archery Champion and world number one, shot 900 points with 66Xs.

He finished 14 points ahead of Crispin Duenas, on 886, to win the Recurve Male Championship and the top prize of $10,000.

“I honestly think this is probably the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever had in my entire career. To shoot a perfect score, like no one has ever shot a 600 on World Archery or here, and then to do it three days in a row. And to shoot a perfect 900, I don’t think it’s something that anyone thought we could do with a recurve. I think this is my biggest accomplishment in archery so far,” added Brady.

Brady was the only recurve archer to dispute the new $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot-Off for 300-point shooters on Friday and Saturday, on lines that were dominated by compound shooters.

He had the option to switch bows and pick up a compound, but Brady stood with the recurve.

“In all honesty, I was shooting this good enough. I don’t have a compound set-up. I didn’t think to bring a compound just for that. I wanted to shoot one. I wasn’t expecting to shoot three. It just happened.”

On Saturday evening in Vegas, he took silver at the Indoor Archery World Series Finals. Brady fell to Florian Kahllund in the final.


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