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Vegas Shoot awards $40,000 in scholarships to youth shooters

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

A total of 62 youth archers plus three collegiate teams were awarded a total of $40,000 in scholarships on day two of competition at The Vegas Shoot 2020 on Saturday, 8 February.

Youth and cub divisions shoot 30 arrows a day on Friday and Saturday and are ranked by score. Any ties at the top are decided by shoot off.

“I didn’t exactly think I’d get first, so I was very excited when my parents told me,” said Jack Houghton, recurve cub male winner. “It was really fun. There’s so many people from different countries and States that get you to meet a lot of new people.”

The youth and collegiate divisions awarded scholarships to its top three shooters.

The top three college teams were also recognized.

Oregon State’s Matthew Ebner and Allison Dixson won the two junior essay contest prizes available for the first time at The Vegas Shoot.

Both junior archers talked about their love for archery and how it has helped them with their mental health.

“It’s really good to know that I’ll have more opportunities later on thanks to something I’m doing now and just helps me to feel more secure that I can keep doing this in the future,” said Allison.

“I think giving scholarships like this to kids really encourages them to continue things they love and that they can be successful in things even if they maybe don’t shoot the best, they can write an essay about why they do it that can really help them in other aspects other than just how they shoot.”

Scholarships at The Vegas Shoot are awarded by the National Field Archery Association in partnership with the Easton Foundations.

Allison Dixson and Matthew Ebner, winners of the junior essay contest prizes.

The top three finishers in each division, listed first to third:

Compound female

Cub: Jadan Reed, Lauren Mulleneaux, Ella Ramey

Youth: Anabelle Moore, Liko Arreola, Morgan Rives

Young adult: Faith Miller, Kaylee Geissbuhler, Isabelle Geissbuhler

Compound male

Cub: Caleb Quiocho, Cole Lickeltd, Alex Barnhart

Youth: Dewey Hathaway, Andrew Hubbs, Colton Lash

Young adult: Bodie Turner, Brady Buss, Drake Barnett

Recurve female

Cub: Kim Kameron, Celine Liu, Abigail Kippes

Youth: Gabrielle Sasai, Yatana Mora, Laurel Anderson

Young adult: Samantha Lum, Diana Gutierrez, Alyssa Artz

Recurve male

Cub: Jack Houghton, Jayavardhan Devineni, Benjamin Parmenter

Youth: Francisco Jr Padilla, Randhir Senaratne, Patrick Nielsen

Young adult: Waylon Hjerpe, Maximus Soldevere, Carson Sikes


Compound male: Curtis Broadnax, Elijah Hultman, Carson Sapp

Compound female: Anna Scarbrough, Alexis Ruiz, Hala Skelton

Recurve male: Jackson Mirich, Alex Gilliam, Kent Nitta

Recurve female: Molly Nuget, Samantha Israel, Aadi Ghildiyal

Recurve barebow male: Allan Whitaker, Christopher Johst, Caleb Puls

Recurve barebow female: Michelle Nguyen, Brooke Dew, Angie Jen

Bowhunter male: Connor Mcneese, Judson Riley, Jacob Quillen

Bowhunter female: Kathryn Freeman, Sarah Morrow, Christina Winker

Collegiate team: Texas A&m University, Mount Marty College, Lindsey Wilson College


Male: Matthew Ebner

Female: Allison Dixson

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