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49 archers are still perfect at the Vegas Shoot

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

With each day that passes, the pressure to remain perfect builds, but 57 archers overcame their nerves to shoot clean on day two of the Vegas Shoot. Some big names dropped a point in the open championship, but don’t forget they’ll have a chance to make the shoot off with a 599 in the Lucky Dog Shoot Off.

Paige Pearce continues to lead the championship compound female division with a 600, 53 X score. “I think we still have four women that are clean after today, which is a solid number. I think it is going to take another 300 tomorrow to be part of the shoot-off, and that’s what I’ll try to do,” Pearce said.

Liko Arreola, Tanja Gellenthien, and Linda Ochoa-Anderson are all still clean with 600s. Some notables that dropped a point today are Ella Gibson, ranked number one in the world, and Elisa Roner, yesterday’s 10K-A-Day Shoot Off winner.

Forty archers remain clean in the championship open division. Kyle Douglas and Jacob Marlow are tied for the lead with 59 Xs. Followed by Bodie Turner with 57 Xs.

Douglas isn’t showing any signs of nerves as he shot a 29 X, 300 today. “It was a good round today, a little bit looser than yesterday, but I still shot solid. I’m feeling good,” Douglas said.

Some archers, James Lutz, had more nerves, but were still able to shoot a 600. “It was a really rough round, I was really nervous. I was able to kind of keep calm and keep them in the middle, but it’s Vegas, more nerves than anywhere else,” Lutz said.

There were 77 archers clean in the championship open division after yesterday, so nearly half dropped a point today. Some big names missed the ten, including two-time champion Mike Schloesser, who shot a nine on his last end.

In the championship compound young adult division, Zoie Thompson from Minnesota is the lone clean shooter. Thompson is trailed by five archers with 599s.

In the compound flights, four archers are clean with 600s. That field is led by Lawson Veit with 53 Xs.

These archers are just 30 arrows away from shooting a perfect 900, and that could mean an outright win, or it could mean that they make the shoot off. Tomorrow is going to be the most exciting day of the Vegas Shoot, so stay tuned to the live results and the live shoot offs at 5:30 p.m. on the World Archery YouTube.

Perfect scores per class


  • Compound open: 40

  • Compound female: 4

  • Compound young adult: 1


  • Compound: 4


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