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Meet the Pros was so much fun

The first day of The Vegas Shoot was marked by many young archers’ most anticipated moments: Meet the Pros. It was the chance for these young archers to hang out with the big shots from all over the world.

Imagine this: young archers and their families, pro archers, all mixing, mingling, and having a blast for an hour and a half. There were laughs, hugs, photos, autographs, and, most importantly, valuable tips for a bright future in professional archery.

For Brady Ellison, pro archer from United State, this event is awesome. “These children are the next generation. We are setting an example and making sure that we are doing what we are supposed to, and giving all these kids hope so they can come to do what we do”, he said.

Meeting his favorite archers was a dream come true for many younger competitors. “This is very fun. I’m surprised that there are so many pros here,” said Gabe Bowser, a 10-year-old archer from Ohio.

Meet the Pros once again brought joy, setting the stage for the championship officially kicking off tomorrow at the South Point Hotel & Casino.


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