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29 compound open remain in race for grand prize in Vegas

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

One-hundred-and-six shooters shot perfect rounds of 300 points on the second day of competition at The Vegas Shoot in 2022.

And of those, 29 were men in the compound open championship still clean for a second consecutive day – and still alive in the race for the a spot in the shootdown.

After posting rounds with the coveted perfect 30Xs on day one at The Vegas Shoot, both Mike Schloesser and Kyle Douglas dropped three out of the X-ring on day two, though remained spotless on the 10.

The pair remains favorites to reach the main event.

Heading into the day, a total of 58 compound open competitors were in the running – and that number was cut by half over Saturday’s 30 arrows.

Tanja Gellenthien, Paige Pearce, Danelle Lutz, Toja Ellison and reigning champion Liko Arreola are the five perfect ladies in the compound women’s championship division heading into day three. It’s shaping up to be a thrilling finish.

Guatemala’s Julio Barillas and the USA’s Zachary Plonsky and Jr Brian Bullis lead compound flights, clean on points and with 53,41 and 39Xs, respectively.

Competition at The Vegas Shoot concludes on Sunday night with the championships shootdowns.

The first line on the last day of competition starts at 7:00 AM.

Perfect scores after day 1:

  • Compound Open: 29

  • Compound women: 5

  • Compound flights: 3

Check full results on our Vegas Shoot app and on Ianseo.


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