60+ professional archers meet youth generation at The Vegas Shoot 2020

One of The Vegas Shoot’s most iconic famous activities is Meet the Pros (previously Practice with the Pros), a session that gives the opportunity for archers aged 17 and younger to meet their archery heroes on the eve of the start of the competition.

At the 2020 edition of The Vegas Shoot 2020, more than 60 professional archers stood behind five different shooting stations to mingle with youth shooters, sign autographs, shoot and share their experiences with them.

“I never really shot with a pro before, I’ve seen videos of them having competitions but never shot with them, so this good. I’m happy,” said cub male Keyden Byington from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Previously, pros and young archers brought their own gear. This year, genesis bows and arrows were supplied for both so they could shoot on the same level.

“This is the future, they are stars. We are all here having fun but these are the kids that are going to take our place and I rather see them do this that being on the streets doing whatever,” said professional compound man Shawnn Vincent.

“This gives them a safe way to have fun and enjoy what I love to do, it’s priceless.”

Meet the Pros took place one day before the official start of The Vegas Shoot 2020.

The first lines shoot their first scoring arrows at 7:00AM on Friday, February 7.

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