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Foot archer Orissa Kelly to perform at The Vegas Shoot

The Vegas Shoot is the biggest open-entry archery tournament in the world – and a celebration of all things bow and arrow. That’s why we’ve invited the exceptionally talented Orissa Kelly, a gymnast and entertainer who shoots with her feet, to perform not once, but twice.

Orissa will perform on Saturday, February 5, ahead of the Indoor Archery World Series Finals, alongside Easton’s 100-Year Celebration and the annual Archers’ Appreciation Dinner – an unmissable event this year with prizes, giveaways and a few more exciting surprises – and then again on Sunday, February 6, just before the Vegas Shoot Champions are crowned.

“I can’t wait to meet all the other archers,” said Orissa.

“It will be a true honor to show the archery community my unique take on the sport and what is possible! I can’t wait to do an epic show for everyone on February 5 and 6. It will be an act especially created for the event.”

Orissa is currently on tour around the States shooting her bow in halftime shows at NBA games and has previously performed in the United Kingdom in Britain’s Got Talent and for the Queen.

Vegas Shoot president Bruce Cull expressed his excitement for this new addition to the preshows at this year’s tournament.

“We’ve always made it a mission to include everybody who’s passionate about this sport at our event, no matter their style or bow,” he said. “Orissa’s impressive talent might not fit with our standard classes – but it’s fun to watch and pure archery.”

“Maybe next year, we’ll persuade her to compete, too!”

We caught up with Orissa to find out more about her unique approach to shooting a bow.

What did you first shoot a bow and arrow?

Believe it or not, I actually picked up a bow with my feet before my hands! Back in 2015, when I came up with the crazy idea, I had zero normal archery knowledge. After a few months of struggling to shoot with my feet, I decided that learning with my hands first might be of benefit. And once I’d understood that I just transferred it back to my feet!

How did you learn?

I was inspired by a girl sitting down and shooting a toy bow with her feet. I just went to my local archery store, bought my first bow (a shoot-through recurve), and began practicing. I had no-one to teach me, so I just practiced up to six hours a day for six months in a cricket field in England.

Once I finally got good, and hit my first bullseye, I created my act, was picked up by Britain’s Got Talent – and that was the start of my foot archery career. Since 2015, I’ve performed for the Queen of England, during NBA halftime shows and in Wonder Woman.

How much do you practice?

I shoot 100s of arrows a week. When I’m not performing, I train up to six hours a day but I incorporate archery alongside hand-balancing and contortion. All these skills make up my act. Training is my favorite part – it’s like meditation. Maybe that sounds familiar?

What’s your favourite thing to do in Vegas?

It wouldn’t be Vegas without the shows! I adore Cirque du Soleil and Spigelworld and I have many talented friends involved. I also love visiting Red Rock Canyon State Park and I’ve done loads of epic photoshoots with my bow there.

Check out Orissa’s Instagram page ahead of her performance at The Vegas Shoot.


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