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Bob Eylers Knocks Off Kyle Douglas in Day 2 Championship 300 Shoot-Off

Bob Eylers walks away with $2,500 in the second Championship 300 Shoot-Off, beating out 54 other perfect 300-point shooters on day two of competition at The Vegas Shoot 2021.

The Championship 300 Shoot-Off was introduced in 2020 to give shooters who post perfect 300-point rounds the first two days of the shoot a chance at extra cash prizes. The prize is decided on Lucky Dog rules.

Across the 8 divisions of The Vegas Shoot 2021, a total of 55 archers scored a perfect 300 points on Day 2, and 54 archers were in the running for the top prize.

After two rounds 9 archers remained at the line, and 6 archers shot inside out, leaving Kyle Douglas, Paige Pearce, Dave Cousins, Braden Gellenthien, Bob Eylers, and Donnie Thacker in contention.

The high score was a 10 in round 4 leaving only Kyle Douglas, the 2020 Vegas Champion, and Bob Eylers to shoot it out, with Eylers coming out on top.

When asked to share what he thought about his battle of inside outs Eylers said, “Well, yesterday I didn't make it past the first arrow, so I thought I'd have a little different strategy going into today.”

"I just thought I'd try to make the best shot I could and use the same arrow every time. I practiced with it and was killin' it, I just kept hitting it and hitting it."

Eylers shared that he never really thought about bringing small arrows. "I haven't been to Vegas since they started the 300 shoot-off, so my goal is always to make it to the 900 shoot-off and if I can make perfect shots I can still keep them in the middle and it's gonna take perfect shots, skinny arrows or big arrows."

Six archers came in clean in the compound female championship division, including 13-year-old Liko Arreola who shot her second perfect 300 in Vegas today.

The other divisions with perfect scores were:

  • Compound senior championships – 4

  • Compound open – 44

  • Compound young adult - 1

The third day of the competition starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 17.

Check full results at


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