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Break the Barriers compete with Vegas Shot pros in fourth ProAm exhibition

The Vegas Shoot has hosted a ProAm exhibition between Break the Barriers shoots and professional archers competing in the Vegas Shoot since 2019.

This year’s event, which took place after the $10K-A-Day shoot-off on Friday, February 4, was the fourth edition.

Break the Barriers is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating awareness, understanding, acceptance and education for all people with impairment, particularly veterans.

Two shooters from Break the Barriers teamed up with one pro to shoot a nine-arrow Vegas round.

The top teams were recognized as well as individual awards for the best amateur shooters, with Jack Ish, Isaac Romero, Michael Lawrence and Addison Jones coming out on top.

Gauis Carter, Jesse Broadwater, Linda Ochoa-Anderson, Shawn Vincent, Donnie Thacker, Lexi Keller, Martin and Erika Damsbo, Steve Anderson, Emily McCarthy, Darrin Christenberry, Shane Wills, Joe Cartia were among the pros that participated in the activity.

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