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By the numbers: The Vegas Shoot 2020

The 54th edition of The Vegas Shoot, held in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 7-9, broke records of attendance, the number of perfect shooters and in size of prize fund in both cash and scholarships.

As we say goodbye to another year in Vegas – knowing we’ve got at least another three years in the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa – here’s The Vegas Shoot 2020, by the numbers:

$500,000 prize fund

The largest amount in money and scholarships The Vegas Shoot has ever awarded. Cash was distributed to 705 archers while scholarships went to 62 youth archers plus three collegiate teams.

319,620 arrows

Officially, 3816 archers competed at The Vegas Shoot 2020. Of those, 794 were youth archers who shot two days of competition. The rest, 3022, shot in the championship and flight divisions over three days.

Counting only those scored arrows, we come to a total of 319,620 arrows. Want to try and guess the total number shot including practice? Be our guest! (We estimate over 1,000,000.)

35,000 target faces

Perhaps the most enduring identity of The Vegas Shoot is its double-sided target face. It’s a matter of choice, archers are free to shoot at either the three-spot on one side or the single-spot on the other.

An average of nine target faces per archer were used this year.

3,816 entries

Breaking the 3800 barrier for the first time, the event welcomed its highest number of competitors at 3816 archers from all 50 states of the US and another 52 countries.

The Compound Flight was the biggest division with 1356 participants. Recurve flights on 368 and bowhunter flights on 283 were the second and third biggest.

An extra 1184 archers competed in the Nevada State NASP, S3DA Vegas National Championship, Nevada USAA State Indoor & State JOAD that take part alongside The Vegas Shoot bringing up the total number of participants to 5000.

2,910 miles

Archers walked an estimated 2910 miles (15360000 steps) during practice and scoring!

399 target bales

That’s counting all the competition halls, numerous practice halls and the bales used by exhibitors in the trade show.

168 vendor booths

The Vegas Shoot Trade Show is one of the biggest and best in the archery world. This year, 100 vendors from all over the world covered 168 booth spaces with the latest archery gear for archers and visitors throughout the weekend.

129 staff members

There’s a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at The Vegas Shoot. It’s a small but dedicated group that ensures your Vegas experience runs smoothly.

There were 14 staff from the NFAA, 23 from World Archery, 20 volunteers, 33 working as part of the scoring team and a team of 39 judges on the ground in 2020.

54th Champion

The Compound Open Championship division serves as highlight of The Vegas Shoot weekend. Utah’s Kyle Douglas is now in the history books as champion of the 54th edition.

He beat 21 other perfect men plus the lucky dog to take title and collect the biggest prize check of the tournament at $54,000 on Sunday, February 9.

Seven semi-trailers

Seven semi-trailers departed Yankton, South Dakota on the weekend before The Vegas Shoot with everything you saw in the South Point Arena that makes the event possible!

Sixth perfect woman

Having not missed the 10-ring for three days, Paige Pearce became only the sixth woman in history to have achieved a perfect score at the tournament.

Mary Hamm was the first to hit the 900 in 2004. Sarah Lance, Tanja Jensen, Sara Lopez and So Chaewon have also shot clean Vegas rounds.

Three more years

The Vegas Shoot extended its contract with the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa to return to its current home for a further three years along with the Indoor Archery World Series Finals.

“It’s awesome. We have some room to grow here. The staff, the South Point itself has been nothing but helpful and it’s the only event here of this size that’s not equestrian,” said The Vegas Shoot President Bruce Cull.

“We are pretty excited, we’ve got growth potential, we’ve got a place for three years, we are happy.”

Official event dates for 2021-2023 will be released soon.

Two $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot-Off winners

Compound man Justin Hannah of the USA and compound woman Sarah Prieels of Belgium took the first two $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot-Offs prizes from a field of perfect shooters on Friday and Saturday.

The new prize was introduced this year to give shooters who post perfect 300-point rounds on either Friday or Saturday (or both) a chance at an extra $10,000. The prize is decided by a single arrow shoot off using Lucky Dog rules.

First 900 with a recurve

Olympic medalist Brady Ellison become the first recurve archer in history to post a perfect 900 points in the arena after three days of clean shooting in Vegas.

The Arizona native shot 900 points with 66Xs and took the Recurve Male Championship’s top prize of $10,000.


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