Five of the best archery tattoos at The Vegas Shoot

With nearly 4000 shooters from all around the world participating at The Vegas Shoot, there are more than a few sporting ink at the South Point Hotel & Casino.

Here are some of the best archery tattoos we spotted last year at The Vegas Shoot.

1. Life line

Because archery is life, right?

2. Believe

Anything is possible – whether it’s shooting 10s, shooting the perfect Vegas round? All it takes it a little self-belief!

3. The rings

Many Olympic archers – medalists, too – shoot The Vegas Shoot. Their tattoos often feature the famous five rings. Great Britain’s Patrick Huston turned the Olympic rings into five gears.

4. Direct hit

From the shooting arm straight into the target.

5. Flowery arrow

Vegas might be an indoor shoot but archery’s roots are in the great outdoors. (Zoom into her earrings, too!)

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