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Flights recognize best amateurs at The Vegas Shoot 2020

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

There were flights for six bow styles at The Vegas Shoot this year.

With 2,277 entries in total, the flights accounted for more than half of the participants at the 54th edition of the event, which set a new record of attendance at 3,816 archers.

The compound flights, with the highest number of participants on 1359, saw Jason Goedken from Iowa claim the first spot with a score of 899 points an 78Xs – six more than Marc Sweitzer in second with 72Xs and nine more than Peter Thompson, who came in third with 69Xs.

“It was kind of surreal. Shooting today, I ended up shoot 30Xs, so I knew I was shooting well, and I wanted to get my 30Xs games finally under the belt at a tournament. I’ve shot 29 here before but shooting the 30Xs was a win in itself,” said Goedken, who was also the only archer at the event to shoot 300 30X on day three.

“It was after shooting the 30Xs that I realized that I was also the winner of the shoot. I kinda feel that I won twice today, I feel like being the only person here today, to my knowledge that shot 30Xs, it’s like two wins in one day.”

Jason Goedken, winner of the compound flights.

Prize money totaling $135,000 was distributed across the six flight divisions.

Shooters were recognized outside the shooting arenas at the end of the last lines on Sunday.

The top three finishers in each flight division, listed first to third:


Jason Goedken, Marc Sweitzer, Peter Thompson

Compound limited

Oe Yuya, Tadatsugu Otsuka, Ronald Rispoli


Timothy Smith, Solomon Goldstein, Gabe Anderson


Justin Ertel, Kevin Beach, Kevin Wilkey


Daniel Zintgraff, Jason Wilkins, Derek Phillips

Recurve barebow

John Dillinger, John Winker, John Heffelfinge

You can check full results on


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