Frenchman PJ Deloche named lucky dog at Vegas Shoot 2019

With 23 perfect 900s after the regulation 90 arrows over the three days of competition at The Vegas Shoot, the event has set a new record for the biggest shoot off ever.

That mark was previously held by the 2012 edition, which Jesse Broadwater won, when 19 men made it to the shoot off.

One more man, the Lucky Dog, will join the line in the main event on Sunday’s evening.

A total of 38 men stepped out one more time in the Championship arena for the chance of becoming this year’s Lucky Dog.

PJ Deloche took the spot after landing a perfect inside-out arrow in the final round.

“Life is not so easy for me, so I'm really happy; is a good reward for that. My shooting was good this morning, I knew I could do it and I did it," said PJ.

"I have never shot a 900 but I'm really happy to have the opportunity to be in the shoot off among the best archers in the world in this tough tournament.”

The 37-year-old Frenchman is a multiple world medalist and a Hyundai Archery World Cup Final runner-up.

The 23 perfect men, in order of X-count:

Mike Schloesser

Stephan Hansen

Levi Morgan

Sergio Pagni

Chance Beaubouef

Jesse Broadwater

Tate Morgan

Paul Tedford

Steve Anderson

Sebastien Peineau

Richard Bowen

Roberto Hernandez

Sebastian Arenas

Peter Elzinga

Anthony Ferraro

Jeremiah Starks

Riku van Tonder

Matt Sullivan

Jesse Clayton

Nicolas Girard

Mikko Juutilainen

Donnie Thacker

Richard Jackson

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