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Prieels bags $10,000 as 42 shooters remain clean after 60 arrows

Compound Female Championship Sarah Prieels of Belgium outlasted 91 other perfect shooters to take the second $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot Off of The Vegas Shoot 2020.

“It feels very good. I wasn’t expecting to shoot three-inside-outs in a row. Didn’t shoot any this morning, will see what happens, but yeah, pretty good, very happy about it,” said Prieels.

“It’s even more challenging to shoot the 300 because there’s even more at stake now. It’s now and it puts on a great show for people, I think it’s a good thing.”

The $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot Off was introduced this year. Championship archers who shot 300 points on either the Friday or Saturday could take part. Justin Hannah won on Friday.

A total of 42 archers, 35 of them of the Compound Open Championship division, finished clean after day two of competition at The Vegas Shoot 2020.

At this stage last year, when eventually 23 in the category finished with 900, there was 34 still clean.

Page Pearce, Brady Ellison and Frederick Cole are the only archers that have not dropped a point in their respective divisions – Compound Female Championship, Recurve Male Championship and Compound Young Adult Championship.

The Vegas Shoot decides its winners on Sunday afternoon. For full results visit


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