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Raffle winners Chase and David arrive at their first Vegas Shoot

One year ago, the amateur flights at The Vegas Shoot were moved remote and held virtually, with archers taking part from around the world.

Plenty of prizes and scholarships were on offer and two lucky shooters could win free trips to this year’s in-person event in a raffle.

Chase Koelling of New York and David Anthony of Ohio were the lucky winners.

“I personally didn't even know it. My mom signed me up. She saw a bunch of raffles and didn't tell me about any of them. So, when I won, it was like a huge surprise for me,” said Chase.

The 18-year-old shot the online tournament in 2021 at the Proline Archery Lane club in Long Island, New York, alongside his coach Joseph Mcglyn and girlfriend. He said the pressure and nerves where there and despite not remembering much of his shooting back then, the result was positive.

This is his first Vegas Shoot in person.

One day in, Chase is already having a great time.

“It’s definitely intimidating seeing all these people with bows. It's kind of interesting to finally be at a competition where there's so much more compounds than recurves. Usually, it's the other way around,” he said.

“I was looking at the arena area and all the people there and I was seeing all the people shooting like perfect 30s on those targets and that kind of scares me but I'm excited to actually shoot the tournament.”

Chase has been shooting for just over 10 years, having discovered the sport in the Cub Scouts.

His plan here is to focus on his mindset during competition.

First timers Chase and David both received a $500 flight voucher, free three-night stay at South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa, free registration and $150 in food and drink vouchers.


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