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Register Your Club, Shop, or Range for the 2021 Vegas Shoot - Virtual

Clubs, shops, or ranges are encouraged to host a Vegas Shoot - Virtual event. Clubs/shops have the ability to plan their own “events” at their preferred date/time within the March 12-April 12 timeline. Clubs/shops do not need to formally register, but by filling out the registration form, we are able to promote your location as a “virtual location” to archers so they have the option to shoot the event at your range.

Virtual Basics

How do I promote my Vegas Shoot - Virtual event?

  • Clubs/shops have the ability to promote their event by signing up as a "Registered Virtual Location". Registered locations will be published here to encourage archers to shoot at their local range. Club/shops can provide event details including format (e.g., league style, stand-alone event over a week/weekend, multiple weekends, walk-ins, etc), contact information, pricing, etc.

  • NFAA will supply logos/flyer information that clubs/shops can use to advertise and promote their location.

Do I receive payment for archers that participate at my range or event?

  • ​Clubs/shops have the option to charge their traditional range fees (e.g., a daily shooting fee, range fee, membership fee, etc) or may charge an additional shooting fee for hosting a stand-alone event.

  • Certified clubs, shops, or ranges are eligible to receive a $10 rebate for each archer that participates at their range or event. To qualify for the rebate, a club/shop must: 1. Provide proof of club/shop membership or certification with an official archery organization (i.e. NFAA, World Archery or IFAA national federation, USA Archery, NASP, 4-H, etc). 2. Submit a copy of each archer's name and completed scorecard (paper or digital copy).

How do archers register for my location?

  • Clubs, shops, or ranges will provide contact information on their "Registration Virtual Location" listing. Archers will communicate directly with the host club, shop, or range to determine shooting times and dates. Archers do NOT need to select a location on their Vegas Shoot - Virtual registration.

How do I submit archers' scores?

  • Archers will receive electronic scorecards, name tags, shooter bags, etc. upon registering through the event website. It is the archer’s responsibility to provide a printed copy of their scorecard and to submit their scores electronically.



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