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Vegas Shoot awards $39,000 in scholarships to youth archers

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The conclusion of day two of competition is also the conclusion of the cub and youth events at this year’s edition of The Vegas Shoot.

Top finishers in the events were awarded scholarships totalling $39,000 to be used towards funding higher education and pursuing their passion for the sport during the youth and collegiate award ceremony on Saturday, February 5.

Youth and cub divisions at The Vegas Shoot score 30 arrows a day on Friday and Saturday and are ranked by score.

Scholarships are awarded to the top three shooters of the youth and collegiate ago categories in the compound, recurve, bowhunter and recurve barebow divisions.

An additional $1,000 scholarship was given to one young male and one young female who participated in the junior essay contest. The essay topic only needed to fit an archery theme.

Winner Zach chose to write about the art of the sport in his essay.

“I didn’t shoot my best, but I put my heart into this essay. It sounds cheesy but I’m pretty happy with what I made,” said Zach.

“It explains how I feel about archery and how I feel that archery is a misconception art, and how some people don’t really understand the hard work and dedication that is put into the spot.”

Scholarships at The Vegas Shoot are awarded by the National Field Archery Association in partnership with the Easton Foundations.

Top three finishers in each division, listed first to third:

Compound female

Cub: Chloe Nelsen, Kloe King, Alexandra Youmans

Youth: Beretta Mckee, Annabelle Moore, Jacey Cypriano

Young adult: Adriana Castillo, Olivia Dean, Zoie Thompson

Compound male

Cub: Easton Rupp, Crash Dehoyos, Dallas Velasquez

Youth: Caleb Quiocho, Grady Kane, Kayden Worthey

Young adult: Drake Barnett, Brayden Luke, Brock Myers

Recurve female

Cub: Ye-eun Whang, Jina Chon, Anika Khanna

Youth: Whitney Williams, Hailey Franzone, Megumi Chang

Young adult: Alyssa Artz, Laurel Anderson, Yatana Mora

Recurve male

Cub: Aarya Arun, Liam Lee, Deion Kim

Youth: Chanyoung Mun, Matthew Parmenter, Hyun-Shin Cho

Young adult: Jr Francisco Padilla, Hugo Cueto, Pierce McAdam


Compound male: Matthew Russell, Jozef Bosansky, Nathan Wilken

Compound female: Anna Scarbrough, Cassidy Cox, Elisa Keller

Recurve male: Jackson Mirich, Alex Gilliam, Noah Cagle

Recurve female: Katherine Wu, Therese Gordon, Lindsey Bouffard

Recurve barebow male: Kyle Coffey, Wallace Woodlief, Vincent Truong

Recurve barebow female: Allison Collinsworth, Erika Moe, Haley Jouett

Bowhunter male: Cage McCallum, Keegan Spurlock, Jordan Gregg

Bowhunter female: Emily Brandt, Sophia Hunziger, Andrina Savor

Collegiate team: Texas A&M University, Mount Marty University, Lindenwood University


Male: Zach Maracine

Female: Alexandra Mott

You can check full results on


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