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Why the Vegas Shoot is an awesome family event

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The world-famous Vegas Shoot takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa.

With a variety of participants and class divisions, we’re taking a look at why the largest indoor archery tournament in the globe is just as popular with families as it is with the pros.

1. Practice with the…

Talking of pros. Every Thursday at the Vegas Shoot, before scoring begins, kids have the opportunity to meet, chat and shoot with top archery from around the world.

Meet the Pros is a long-time fixture on the Vegas calendar and one of the most popular events on the schedule.

2. The pathway

As well as inspiring young archers, the Vegas Shoot is proud to offer competition classes for all ages. Under 14 year olds shoot two days (Friday and Saturday) while 15-17 year olds shoot all three days.

Back-to-back Vegas Shoot Champion Kyle Douglas is one of the very archers who has risen through the ranks at the tournament, winning youth division scholarships at an early age before bagging a five-figure payday as an adult!

3. Community

The South Point, with its numerous restaurants and family-friendly entertainment (bowling and cinema among those) is the perfect spot to reconnect with old archery friends, young and old.

4. Love of the sport

The Vegas Shoot is the single biggest celebration of archery on the planet. As Danish pro Martin Damsbo once said, ‘if you love archery, you have got to shoot Vegas’.

Even better if your family loves it, too!

5. The show

During the free Archers’ Appreciation night, held ahead of the Indoor Archery World Series Finals on Saturday, there’s food available for the whole family – plus special performances and prize giveaways.


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