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46 archers clean through Round 2

As Day 2 of scoring unfolded, the pressure to maintain perfection intensified. An impressive 46 archers triumphed over their nerves to clean their second rounds.

While some notable names in the Championship Open class dropped 599s, they will still have an opportunity to qualify for the Championship Shootoff in the Lucky Dog Shootoff tomorrow afternoon.

Olivia Dean (New Jersey, USA) continues her dominance in the Championship Female Open division with a remarkable 600 51X. Hot on her tail is Ella Gibson (Great Britain), who posted one of the highest scores in the field today with 300 28X. 

“Today was much better than yesterday,” said Gibson. “I changed some of my timing last night, so I was a bit nervous about that and hoped that I made the right decision. Yesterday I just didn’t have the Xs I wanted, and then today my shot timing was better, my aiming was better, and I shot a 300 with 28 Xs! I’m very happy with my performance today and I hope that continues through the World Series matches tonight and into tomorrow.”

Tanja Gellenthien (Denmark) and Alexis Ruiz (Arizona, USA) also maintained perfect 600s today. Some notable figures dropped out of contention in the last end of the round, including Paige Pearce and Sara Lopez.


Of the original 73 perfect archers, only 43 of them remained perfect in the Championship Open class. Mathias Fullerton (Denmark) and Mike Schloesser (Netherlands) tied for the lead with 59 Xs, followed by James Lutz (Wisconsin, USA) and Nicolas Girard (France) with 58 Xs. Both the World Number 7 and Mr. Perfect delivered stellar 300 30X performances. 


For the thirty archers who dropped a point in the high-pressure Vegas atmosphere, they will have a second chance to enter the final Championship showdown during the Lucky Dog Shootoff on Sunday afternoon.


In the Championship Compound Senior division, Lynn Hoch (Iowa, USA) stands as the lone perfect shooter, trailed by four archers with 599s. In the Compound Flights, eleven archers maintain perfect scores, led by Parker Baker (South Dakota, USA) and Hunter Garrison (Pennsylvania, USA) with 52 Xs.


These archers are just 30 arrows away from achieving a perfect 900, a feat that could secure an outright victory or position them for the Championship Shootoff.


No perfect scores remain in the Championship Compound Young Adult division, with five archers sitting at 599s. Christina Davis (Washington, USA) leads the Championship Compound Senior Female field at 589. 


Marcus D’Almeida (Brazil) continues to lead the Championship Recurve Men, tied at 593 with Brady Ellison (Arizona, USA) Lim. Duna (Korea) and Casey Kaufhold (Pennsylvania, USA) sit atop the Championship Recurve Women, each totaling 586 after two days of competition. Fong You Jhu (Chinese Taipei) maintains his lead in the Championship Recurve Young Adults with a score of 578. Finally, John “Chip” Heffelfinger (Idaho, USA) has surged to the top of the Championship Barebow Recurve Open class – his score of 557 is at least 8 points ahead of the rest of the field.

Perfect scores after second day of competition:

  • Championship Compound Open: 43

  • Championship Compound Female: 4

  • Championship Compound Senior: 1

  • Compound Flights: 11 

Tomorrow promises to be the most thrilling day at the 58th edition of the Vegas Shoot, so stay tuned throughout the day for the live results and the final Championship Shootoff at 5:30pm PST on ArcheryTV+.



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