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5 last-minute Vegas Shoot tips

In exactly one week, the first arrows of The Vegas Shoot 2019 will start flying at the South Point Hotel and Casino.

With more than 3,600 archers already confirmed, setting a new entry record, this year's tournament is set to be the biggest ever.

It's going to be huge. And with so much to do in such a short period of time, here are five last-minute Vegas Shoot trip tips you shouldn't miss.

1. Schedule yourself

Preliminary line assignments are available about a week out from The Vegas Shoot, final shooting times on the Wednesday before. Check them and think about your day.

Right after the end of a session is when popular eating spots, like Steak and Shake, get busy. It’s also when the lifts to rooms in the South Point have a queue. Get some extra practice in, have a coffee, or leave your bow in storage and head out if you want to miss the rush.

However long you think it’ll take to get to the line, add another 10-15 minutes. Better to be safe than sorry.

2. Download the app

The Vegas Shoot app is the quickest way to check line times, results and find your way around. Have it downloaded before you leave the house.

While you’re at it, download one of the numerous apps offering deals on activities in and around Vegas. They’re good if you want to catch a show or go on a tour to, say, the Grand Canyon.

3. Three more arrows…

…than you think you need. Every arrow counts at The Vegas Shoot and it’s a long three days of competition, plus the time you’ll spend at the practice range.

There’ll no doubt be some wear and tear on fletchings and it’s always good to have some substitutes in the quiver if one of your players isn’t behaving. Fletch up three more arrows than you think you need, in case you need to send a shaft to the bench.

4. Target placement

The start of a session at the Vegas Shoot consists of every archer grabbing their own target from a box and pinning it to their allotted target.

The target papers are double-sided – one side a single spot and one side a triple – and it’s up to the archers to decide who starts on top on the boss and who starts at the bottom. (You switch halfway through the 30 arrows.)

It can be a little overwhelming for first-timers. Don’t be shy, get in there early, say hello to your target mates and get your target up.

5. Treat each day as a new… day

Winning the championship round in Vegas takes nothing less than three days of perfect shooting. It’s phenomenal how many archers fall in the last few arrows – because they know they’re so close to making the cut.

But whether you’re shooting championships or flights, looking for a big payday or having some fun, the beautiful thing about The Vegas Shoot is that you’re guaranteed three days of archery, 30 arrows each day.

So treat each day separately. Don’t worry about the overall score and just take each arrow and round as it comes. You never know, you might be surprised to find you have a perfect 900 at the end!


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