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8 tips before kicking off The Vegas Shoot

Finally, the 58th edition of The Vegas Shoot has arrived, and it's the last one to be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino. Here are 8 key recommendations for this first day of the tournament.

1. YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Shooting times and target assignments will be emailed to you before Friday. Please verify don’t forget to check your spam folder.


2. TARGET PINS: Every archer will find four target pins in their shooter bag. Please remember to bring your own pins for both practice and competition, as there won't be any extras provided. If you happen to misplace or forget your target pins, worry not! Additional pins are available for purchase at the NFAA Apparel Booth (Booth 118) and various other archery vendors.


3. BOW STAND: Unfortunately, there won't be any bow racks provided in the competition or practice areas. Please be sure to bring your own bow stand/pod to keep your gear safe during the shooting lines.


4. POSITIONS A,B,C,D: Archers are assigned letters (a, b, c, or d) by the scoring team, solely for the purpose of determining the scoring order on the tablet. As for the physical placement of target faces, it's based on a first-come, first-served basis.


5. PRACTICE: 24-hour practice is located in the upstairs ballroom (up the escalators by the giant horse statue/Coronado Cafe). For our VIPs, special practice times are available during peak hours in the area between the Priefert Arenas and the Main Arena. Don't forget, each competition round starts off with two practice ends.


6. ELEVATORS: The South Point is kindly letting us use the service elevators to ease congestion during busy periods! These elevators are meant for going UP to the hotel floors only, not down to the lobby. For everyone's safety and security, please make sure to keep the service doors on all floors closed. Failure to comply might lead to the loss of service elevator privileges for everyone. Thanks for your cooperation!


7. FOLLOW RESULTS: Stay on top of track assignments and get live results with the NFAA Event app!


8. HAVE FUN! Enjoy the biggest and best Archery event of the year! Enjoy meeting some of the 10,000+ people who are here with a passion for archery! Plus, don't forget to visit our 100+ vendor booths at the trade show! 


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