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Flight or championship? Which division to enter

The Vegas Shoot is split into two basic competition types for many of the divisions – one for the professional ranks, called championship, and one for everyone else, called flights.

Shooting halls at The South Point Hotel.

It’s a set-up that’s not used in many tournaments around the world and can be confusing for first-timers. Here’s how it works.

Archers shooting championship categories shoot the three days of 30 arrows and the highest total scorers win from the prize fund. If there’s a tie at the top – as there is annually in the open freestyle championship (previously called the men’s freestyle championship) – then a shootdown decides the places.

The flights work differently, and the prizes are much more spread around the field.

Archers shooting flight categories shoot the same three days of 30 arrows as those in the championship, but after the second day the field is split into sub divisions – the flights.

Usually containing around 25 to 30 shooters, each flight then becomes its own competition for the third and final day. The top finishers in each flight win from the prize fund. There are no shootdowns.

The standard

Championship events are usually won by sponsored archers, Olympic Champions, those with loads of experience. The competitions take place in the best, most spectator-accessible halls and they are not easy events to win.

That said, there’s no requirements for shooters to be able to enter the championships. Winners have come from all walks of life, some unexpected. So if you fancy a go?

Shooting the championship is a great way to learn from the best in the sport.

The flights are a little more relaxed. You’ll shoot with the same archers for the first two days and then the third be mixed with others of a similar level at the competition so far.

It’s a friendly line – and you’re sure to meet, and re-meet, the same helpful faces over the years.

The price

Entering the championship division at The Vegas Shoot in 2018 will cost you $300 - $500, Championship Young Adult $200, Flights $175, and Junior Divisions are $100.

The total prize money available reflects the difference, with $297,500 available across the championship events and $125,500 in the pot for the many flights.

How to choose?

It all depends on what you’re looking for from your Vegas Shoot experience.

Are you a serious competitor looking to go toe-to-toe with the sport’s heavyweights, with a shot at the title? Go championship.

Taking the trip more for the social side of the world’s biggest indoor archery competition? Or prefer to test the water in less tense atmosphere? Go flights.

Either way, your Vegas Shoot will be one to remember.


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