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The 5 items you must not forget when packing your bags for Vegas

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

It’s that time of the year again. The first competition arrows will soon fly at this year’s Vegas Shoot – which means, for many, it’s time to pack their bags.

An important tournament for amateurs and pros alike, don’t forget to put these key pieces of kit in your bag.

1. Target pins

Each archer receives commemorative pins in their shooting bags (exactly four) – and you can use these to pin up your target, too. But if you want to keep these exclusive souvenirs in mint condition, bring a few extra pins with you, too.

2. Bow stand

Most people prefer to keep their bow – their prized possession – on their own stand so there won’t be bow racks in the halls this year in Vegas. Make sure you bring your own stand to keep your kit safe during shooting lines.

3. Sharpie

(Other brands acceptable.)

A multi-functional essential tool for signing scoresheets, having pros sign autographs and for the traditional signing of your own target face (when you’ve shot clean), pack a fresh pen in your quiver. It’ll save you asking around when you need one.

4. Line assignment

Less of a physical thing to pack, more of a note to remember. Check your line assignment to find out when you’re shooting so you can plan your days in Nevada’s playground. Not something you want to leave until the last minute.

5. Lady luck’s charm?

Nobody ever won big in Vegas without a little luck on their side. Leave your lucky charm at home and risk missing a critical line call here or there – which is just not what you need if you’re looking to start this year with a big win at the biggest indoor archery tournament in the world.


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