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Worried about Vegas 2025's Venue? - Looks great!

We don't want to distract you from gearing up for the 58th edition of The Vegas Shoot tournament, but if you're one of those archers curious about the future venue, rest assured, it's all looking up.

Since 2012, South Point Hotel & Casino has been our home, and it’s been amazing. Their excellent facilities and staff have hosted thousands of archers and families, packing their hearts with memorable moments. South Point has been crucial not only for Vegas Shoot growth but for archery worldwide.

Yet, as Vegas Shoot has successfully expanded – from 1,700 archers in the first year at South Point to over 4,500+ this year – growth sometimes means change. So, in 2025, we're unveiling a new location.

“We know we are taking a lot of chances in a move, but we are going to a facility that is going to be able to accommodate the kind of numbers we are having at the tournament and to grow incredibly beyond that,” said Bruce Cull, President of The Vegas Shoot.

This spot will let us keep the good stuff we built at South Point and enhance a few things that you archers know are some troubles: more restaurants, access facilities, a better spot to enjoy Vegas's main street, a stunning setting for the finals, and more.

Where is Vegas Shoot headed? Don't miss the big announcement this Sunday, February 4th, at the Championship Shoot-Off, South Point Arena.

Counting on you to keep growing the world's most significant archery gathering!


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