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Tanja retains Vegas Champion title

Danish archer Tanja Jensen, currently ranked fourth in the world, beat number one to secure victory for the second consecutive year (and her third title overall) at the largest archery tournament in the world.

Tanja clinched the female compound championship event at The Vegas Shoot for the second straight year with an impeccable performance during the 58th edition held at the South Point Hotel and Casino.

She entered the arena to shoot for the title with Brit Ella Gibson, who shot a perfect 900-point Vegas round for the first time in 2024.

The pair only went two ends before Gibson dropped a nine with her third arrow.

Gellenthien – who was put in the same spot by Paige Pearce one year ago – held firm, delivering a clean middle 10 before turning to celebrate.

"I am feeling amazing. It's been a really stressful weekend, as Vegas always is, so I feel relieved. I am happy, I am excited... I have all the feelings.”, said Tanja.

It’s another major for Tanja, who has now won Vegas in 2017, 2023 and 2024.

Although she leaves with second, Ella Gibson has now joined the elusive 900 club. She is only the eighth woman in history to hit the perfect mark.

"It was amazing to shoot 900 here in Vegas because it's my first time doing that, so that felt incredible today,” said Gibson. “I felt quite low after losing the shoot down, but I’m really happy to finally win a medal in Vegas.”

Championship Compound Female Podium

  1. Tanja Jensen

  2. Ella Gibson

  3. Dafne Quintero


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